September 5, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

by the decision of the Managing Board of EUROPT with its six members together with the two Honorary Cooordinators of EUROPT and after recontact with EUROPT members, our EURO Working Group is introducing a novely beginning with this year: The honouring of one, or in some years two distinguished EUROPT members who have given extraordinary contributions in and with our EURO Working Group EUROPT, by EUROPT FELLOWSHIP FOR [YEAR].

This honouring will become expressed by a laudatio and a document, as we plan: in the form of a small plate, and represented at our EUROPT homepage. We hope that this introduction will esteem the fellows highly, that it will inspire members and friends to active participation in the scientific life of EUROPT, and help for a "branding of EUROPT". In 2006, we are appointing Prof. Dr. Alexander Rubinov (University of Ballarat, Australia) to become EUROPT FELLOW 2006 .

Professor Rubinov is a renowned expert in nonsmooth and global optimization. By his contributions to our EUROPT and EURO events and EJOR special issues and, as a special donation of excellence and cordiality, this vivid support of the collaboration and friendship between EUROPT and POP (Pacific Optimization Research Activity Group) he has in an exceptional way served our EURO working group and its members. This has given depth, width and perspective to a multitude of common undertakings and individual lives.

At the occasion of "The 5th Ballarat Workshop on Global and Non-Smooth Optimization: Theory, Methods and Applications", University of Ballarat, November 28- 30, 2006, the congratulation and laudatio will be personally given to Professor Rubinov by a delegation of EUROPT members consisting of Prof. Dr. Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, Prof. Dr. Adil Bagirov and Prof. Dr. Bülent Karasözen. Then, all the EUROPT members present want to praise our friend in teacher Prof. Dr. Rubinov in the name of our EURO Working Group on Continuous Optimization, EUROPT.

With best wishes,
and sincere regards,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

September 10, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

after many good and joyful news which we shared in the past, today there is a sad news. A few days after he became our first EUROPT Fellow (September 5, 2006), our dear friend and teacher Prof. Dr. Alexander Rubinov (Ballarat, Australia) passed away yesterday, at September 9, 2006. His dear wife Mrs. Zari Rubinov and his local colleague Prof. Dr. Alexander Krüger informed us, and also our Honorary Coordinator Prof. Dr. Tamas Terlaky did.

Two days before he passed away, at September 7, we sent to us these lines:

"Dear Professor Weber and members of Managing Board and Honorary Coordinators,

I am writing to thank you and the members of EUROPT for honouring me with the title of EUROPT FELLOW 2006. I have very much enjoyed being editor of POP and in particular enjoyed the collaboration and support that I have had from you personally and other members of EUROPT. Again, thank you for this recognition. I am very pleased to accept this award."

In the hearts of those of us who had the honour to learn him personally, here I am certain, there has been and is a great admiration and, what is more, honest love to him. And he loved and gave us so much. His great modesty, patience, readiness to help and support, never except under hardest conditions of illness to say "no", touched us so closely. Alex has meant so much to us and will mean the same forever, to our entire group EUROPT and, of course, to our friends from Pacific Research Activity Group, and far beyond.

We will keep him in our remembrance sincerely and very actively, also in our interrelation with POP, with all his Australian friends and his friends worldwide.

In these days we wish a consolation, a warm spirit of comfort to your and all our sads hearts. To dear Mrs. Zari and all her family members firstly, and to all his friends and colleagues.

Please let us continue in friendship and collaboration just as we learned it from our dear teacher Professor Dr. Alexander Rubinov: Shalom, wonderful friend Alex!

With sincere regards,
best wishes in these days to you,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber