Jan 24, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

a new and worthwhile information is been given to us by our
friend and member Prof. Dr. Michel Thera (University of
Limoges, France). Together with Prof. Dr. Eduardo Casas he
is organizing CIMPA School in Optimization and Control in Castro
Urdiales (Spain) at the end of August as a satellite meeting
of ICM 2006. Thank you very much, merci beaucoup,
cher ami Michel!

Dear friends, please find closer information under


and in the following explanations, our dear teacher provides:

"CIMPA means International Centre for Pure and Applied
Mathematics. It is a non-profit international organization
established in Nice (France) in 1978. Its aim is to promote
international cooperation in higher education and research in
mathematics and related subjects, particularly computer science,
for the benefit of developing countries.

In particular,  this CIMPA School on applied mathematics
focuses on optimisation and control and  is devoted to people
from developing countries. Six experts on the domain will deliver
42 lectures during two weeks. During the first week is planned a
course on optimisation and two courses on the control of ODE.
The control of PDE's will be developed during the second week
and will include optimal control, controllability and numerical
algorithms. The school will give a large view of the main key ideas
on optimisation and control and in this respect can be viewed as
an introduction to recent results and open problems in these two
areas of applied mathematics.

I hope this could be of some interest for the members of EUROPT
to have this information and to help for the circulation of it towards
those young mathematicians from developing countries.

Warm regards, Michel"

With best wishes,
yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

attachment: small poster and invitation
                     to our 5th EUROPT workshop on Iceland

PS: Also your friends and colleagues who know little about
        EUROPT yet are cordially welcome to join our network!

- Poster of EURO XXI in Iceland