Dear members of EUROPT,

friendly regards! Today we would like to send to you
the invitation of Prof. Tatiana Tchemisova, friend and
EUROPT member, to her session (possibly, sessions)
at  IFORS 2005 on Hawaii, July 11-15, 2005. This session,
supported by EUROPT and POP, was accepted by Ariela
Sofer and Shuzhong Zhang in the name of IFORS 2005.
Prof. Sofer also serves cosponsor. We are grateful for this,
and express our thanks to Tatiana for her engagement,
and to all friends associated, not to be forgotten, Prof.
Alexander Rubinov who serves here as a representative
of POP.

Tatiana Tchemisova's session is entitled:

  Continuous Optimization and the Transportation Problems",

and her announcement also contains general information
about IFORS 2005. This conference and session are certainly
very attractive, all the best for them!

With friendly regards,
yours sincerely,

     Florian Jarre       Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Continuous optimization and the transportation problems