July, 30, 2005

Cordial Invitation
to Streams on


21st European Conference
on Operational Research

in Reykjavik, Iceland,
July 2-5, 2006


Please find closer information about the Boards of EURO XXI 2006 with their Chairs Tuula Kinnunen (PC) and Snjolfur Olafsson (OC) at the end of this announcement.

Continuous Optimization at EURO XXI 2006

There is an number of Streams in Continuous Optimization constituted and inviting you to join by your participation,
presentation, your various engagement is welcome. Each stream consists of several sessions, and they altogether intend
to give a rich and recent overview about modern Continuous Optimization in theory, methods and application. In fact, EURO
XXI 2006 may serve for initiating and deepening scientific exchange, collaboration and friendship in our research domain
and together with the other areas and working groups of modern Operational Research (OR), for the best of our people and
common future. You are cordially welcome and, wouldn’t it be a pleasure to enjoy together

• a European conference with international flavour,
• first EURO conference in a Nordic country since Finland 1992,
• exotic nature, glaciers, volcanic lava and waterfalls,
• excellent conference facilities,
• good organisation,
• relatively low cost,  
• midnight sun,     and
• valuable satellite events.

There are two hosting working groups serving Continuous Optimization at EURO XXI 2006:

o EURO Working Group on Continuous Optimization  (EUROPT): 
o The Pacific Optimization Research Activity Group (POP):

Contact to Continuous Optimization at EURO XXI 2006:
o Alexander Rubinov  (University of Ballarat, Australia; chairman of POP Working Committee):
o Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber  (Middle East Technical University, Turkey; vice coordinator of EUROPT; PC contact person):  
o each corresponding Stream Organizer (SO): please find the e-mail addresses in the following list.

Streams on Continuous Optimization and Related Topics  
(organized by EUROPT/POP;  in alphabetical order):

o   Computational Biology and Bioinformatics  SOs:  Jacek Blazewicz (
Jacek.Blazewicz@cs.put.poznan.pl), Metin Türkay (mturkay@ku.edu.tr)
o   Convex Optimization Methods SO: Marc Teboulle (
o   Data Mining SOs: Emilio Carrizosa (
ecarrizosa@us.es  /  emilio.carrizosa@gmail.com), Jacob Kogan (kogan@math.umbc.edu)
o   Dynamical and Anticipatory Systems SOs: Marat U. Akhmet (
marat@metu.edu.tr), Daniel Dubois (Daniel.Dubois@ulg.ac.be),
     Hakan Öktem (
o   Generalized Newton Methods SO : Liqun Qi (
o   Global and Local Derivative Free Optimization SOs:   Adil Bagirov (
a.bagirov@ballarat.edu.au), Alexander Rubinov (a.rubinov@ballarat.edu.au)
o   Global Optimization: Deterministic and Stochastic Methods SO:    Mirjam Dur (
o   Global Optimization: Software and Applications SO:    Janos Pinter (
o   Industrial Application of Nonlinear Programming Algorithms SO:    Klaus Schittkowski (
o   Industrial Optimization: Electricity Markets SOs:  Daniel Ralph (
d.ralph@jims.cam.ac.uk), Edward Anderson (eddiea@agsm.unsw.edu.au)
o   Linear Programming SO:    Petra Huhn (
o   Linear Semi-Infinite Optimization SOs: Miquel Goberna (
mgoberna@ua.es), Marco Lopez (marco.antonio@ua.es),
     Maxim Todorov (
o   Mathematical Programming SOs:  Mustafa Pinar (
mustafap@bilkent.edu.tr),  Raphael Hauser (Raphael.Hauser@comlab.ox.ac.uk)
o   Metric Regularity in Optimization & Non-Smooth Analysis SOs:  Alexander Ioffe (
ioffe@math.technion.ac.il),  Assen Dontchev (dontchev@umich.edu)
o   Multiple Objective Optimization SOs:  Kathrin Klamroth (
klamroth@am.uni-erlangen.de), Jose Figueira (figueira@fe.uc.pt)
o   Nonlinear Semi-Infinite Optimization SOs:   Jan J. Ruckmann (
janj.ruckmann@udlap.mx), Oliver Stein (stein@mathC.rwth-aachen.de)
o   Optimization in Financial Mathematics SOs:  Ralf Korn (
korn@mathematik.uni-kl.de), Mustafa Pinar (mustafap@bilkent.edu.tr)
o   OR in Developing Countries SOs:  Fernando Crespo (
facrespo@puc.cl), Leroy White (Leroy.White@bristol.ac.uk), Sethuraman Janardhanan   (sethuraman@iimcal.ac.in), Eric Soubeiga (eric.soubeiga@kpmg.co.uk)
o   Semidefinite Programming SO:    Miguel Anjos (
o   Stochastic Programming SOs:  Georg Pflug (
georg.pflug@univie.ac.at),  Werner Römisch (romisch@mathematik.hu-berlin.de),
Alexander Shapiro (
o   Systems and Game Theory   (with EURO WG E-CUBE) SO:    Stefan W. Pickl (

Thanks to the colleagues for their engagement! And there are further interesting streams connected with Continuous Optimization,
e.g.: Industrial Modeling and Optimization, SO: Josef Kallrath (
Josef.Kallrath@t-online.de) and Dynamic Programming, SO:
Moshe Sniedovich (
moshe@unimelb.edu.au), or you just visit the Call for Paper link at http://www.euro2006.org/ - its worthwhile!

Furthermore, we will have a special theme (besides with width of OR ):  “OR for Better Management or Sustainable Development”,
precious Plenary and Semi-Plenary Lectures (to be announced).

There is so much more interesting to be found on Iceland 2006 for you and your collegues from Continuous Optimization and OR!

Important Dates:
o On-line submission for abstracts starts: Spring 2005
o Deadline for abstract submission: February 1st, 2006
o Notification of acceptance: February 15th, 2006
o Deadline for early registration: March 1st, 2006
o Deadline for author registration: March 31, 2006  (for inclusion in programme)
o Conference:  July 2-5th, 2006

Pre-Conference Workshops:
• 5th EUROPT Workshop “Advances in Continuous Optimization”, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 30 – July 1, 2006,       
• Maximal Software - Optimization Modeling in Practice,

The Boards of EURO XXI 2006

Organizing Committee:
• Snjolfur Olafsson,   University of Iceland (OC Chair)
• Bjarni Kristjansson,   Maximal Software
• Birna P. Kristinsdottir,   Alcan Iceland
• Pall Jensson,   University of Iceland
• Hlynur Stefansson,   AGR
• Ingjaldur Hannibalsson,   University of Iceland
• Thorkell Helgason,   National Energy Authority
• Magnus Mar Halldorsson,   University of Iceland
• Jakob Krarup,   University of Copenhagen
• Tuula Kinnunen,   Finland Post Corp. (PC Chair)
• Gulay Barbarosoglu,   Vice-President 1 of EURO

Program Committee:
• Tuula Kinnunen,   Finland Post Corp. (PC Chair)
• Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber,   METU Ankara, Turkey (Plenary Chair)
• Raymond Bisdorff,   University of Luxembourg
• Jean-Pierre Brans,   Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB),  Belgium
• Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger,  Karl-Franzens Universitat Graz, Austria
• Snjolfur Olafsson,   University of Iceland (OC Chair)
• Maurice Shutler,   London School of Economics, United Kingdom
• Marino Widmer,   University of Friburg, Switzerland
• Martin Zachariasen,   University of Copenhagen,  Denmark.

Looking forward to sharing a valuable and exciting time with you on Iceland,

I remain with best wishes,
yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber