January 07, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

friendly regards! By this e-mail, our attention may firstly be
drawn to "11th International Conference on Operational
Research" KOI 2006, September 27 29, 2006, Pula,
Croatia (
http://www.efpu.hr/koi06/), where our friend Prof. Dr.
Luka Neralic (University of Zagreb) informs us about.
Please also find the corresponding attachment. Thank
you very much, dear Luka!

Secondly, coming back to the conference EURO XXI 2006
http://www.euro2006.org/), there is a selected possibility
of applying for support. In fact, the OC of EURO XXI 2006,
especially, OC Chair Snjolfur Olafsson, will at the end of this
month decide about some participants' registration fee becoming
waived. This opportunity refers to applicants from developing and
some Eastern European countries. (We all are firstly asked
to apply for local or national funds.) As you may imagine, the
budget of EURO XXI is limited and not each application could
become accepted, but some of our friends whose coming
completely depends on this aid may become helped by the organizers. If
you belong to these interested friends, please
consider and prepare an application to be sent to Snjolfur
occhair@euro2006.org), and let us hope for a good outcome.

It would be wonderful, if we could see us on Iceland! Please
let us also keep in mind our 5th EUROPT workshop preceding
the EURO conference (cf.

With best wishes,
yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

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