June 17, 2006

Dear EUROPT Friends,

EUROPT is six years old. It is our privilege to inform you that in
the past six years EUROPT grown to be a matured, highly active working
group that organized several workshops, summer institutes, etc. As we have
informed you in our previous message we need to elect new menagement for

Establish a 6 persons management body of EUROPT in a two
years election cycle with the following functions: chair, past chair,
chair elect and three members. In a week ago we asked for nomination for
each position. Since there were no any suggestion let us allowed to give

Gerhard-Wilhelm (Willi) Weber (Turkey)

Florian Jarre (Germany) (Past chair)
Marco Lopez (Spain) (General Vice Chair, Chair Elect)
Leonidas Sakalauskas (Lithuania)
Kaisa Mittienen (Finland)
Mirjam Dür (Germany).

We hope that lots of you will participate in the election. If you agree
with our nomination then please send back the list of suggested persons to

Tibor Illes < illes@cs.elte.hu > (before June 23).

Still our members have right to give their votes to other persons in the
following way: Send a list (one chair, one chair elect and four members)
of names to Tibor Illes (before June 23).

With Best Regards

Tamás Terlaky and Tibor Illés (Honorary Coordinators of EUROPT)