July 31, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

a warm welcome to all new members! Friendly regards
to all of us, members since a longer and shorter time,
wherever you are: at home, in vacation, at conferences ... .

By this e-mail we want to send some congratulations and
give the homepage links of our two new EURO working

I. We - EUROPT - cordially congratulate our members

(a) Prof. Dr. Jakob Krarup (University of Copenhagen,
Denmark) at the occasion of his 70th birthday
which took place at July 21! Our friend and teacher
is a "men of the first hour" in both EURO and EUROPT
- he supported us in EURO / EUROPT very much,
as groups and also individually. Many of our successes
base on his visions, advices and encouragement.
Thank you very much, dear Jakob.

(b) Assoc. Prof. Metin Turkay (Koc University, Turkey) for
having received the valuable award "TUBITAK Tesvik
Oldlu" by Turkish Scientific and Technological Research

(c) Prof. Dr. Jacek Blazewicz whose student PhD Marta
Kasprzak received the EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award
(EDDA 2006) at the occasion of EURO XXI 2006 (both are
from Politechnika Poznanska, Poznan University of
Technology, Poland).

Dear Jakob, Metin, Jacek and Marta: congratulation and God
bless you!

If you, dear members, have or know a similary occasion of
anniversary or award, please do not hestitate to inform a member
of the EUROPT board. We want to respect and honour you best!

II. As many of you know, EUROPT initiated and supported the
introduction of 2 new EURO working groups. Both became
founded during EURO XXI 2006 in Iceland. Now, some weeks
after those conference days, the homepages, data bases etc.
are successfully prepared already and invite us for a closer
look and, why not, membership. Indeed, both groups will very
much need optimization theory as a key technology, both
continuous and discrete optimization. Thanks to all the friends
who did an excellent job in the service for and by the two
groups. Among those friends there are also many EUROPT
members such as Leroy, Metin, Fernando, Chandra, Jacek
and Willi ... but also many ones in the background such as
Dorien and Maurice. Thanks to EURO for its confidence in
us and the quality of our efforts, especially, Alexis and Chris
(EURO President A. Tsoukias and EURO Vice-President
Ch. Potts).

These groups are:

EURO Working Group "Operational Research
for Development" (EURO WG ORD):

http://www2.ing.puc.cl/~fcrespo/eurofdv/ and

EURO Working Group "Operational Research in
Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine"

http://euro-cbb.ku.edu.tr/ .

Both groups have a great potential to serve our peoples
in Europe and the world in terms of science, education,
health and welfare.

EUROPT, the two new working groups and other EURO WGs
have the opportunity to introduce themselves at the forthcoming
occasion of

The 1st Summer School “Achievements and Applications of Contemporary
Informatics, Mathematics and Physics”,
Kiev, Ukraine, August 6-20, 2006.

Thanks to our member Prof. Dr. Alexander Makarenko
(National Technical University of Ukraine) and the young
people around of him for invitation and having prepared this
precious opportunity in the previous months.

With best wishes,
yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
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