September 30, 2004

Dear members of EUROPT,

friendly regards! As some of you may know or
remind of from former e-mails we wrote, EURO
accepted our application for a Mini Conference
2005 in Hungary, which we submitted together
with our friends from Hungarian Operations
Research Society. (Also in a relative sense,
compared with other applications, our proposal
became very well appreciated by EURO.)

The EURO Mini Conference will take place in
Pécs, Hungary, at June 29 – July 1, 2005,
and it is entitled

   "Continuous Optimization in the Industry".

Our Hungarian friends began a very careful pre-
paration of this special event we are looking
forward to. Chair of the Program Committee is
our friend Tamas Terlaky (Mc Master University,

He hope for very valuable invited and contributed
lectures, and to intesting invited sessions. In order
to increase our "appetite" at bit, please find a
preliminary EURO MC poster included (containing
also the organizing committee), prepared by our
friend Metin Tabalu (METU, Turkey), and a few
sentences taken from our application at EURO
following this letter.

You are sincerely welcome in Pécs, 2005; perhaps
you would like to make a note about our EURO MC
already today.

With best wishes,
yours sincerely,

Florian Jarre and Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Enclosure:  EURO MC 2005 poster

PS: From our application:

"sincere regards from Pécs, Hungary! In history, our country
of Hungary has been the home of renowned scientists from operational
research, such as Farkas, von Neumann or Erdös.
But also in these modern times we enjoy very much to host
friends from OR, from EURO and all over the world. In 2000,
the year of the millenium, National OR Society of Hungary said
a sincere welcome to the participants of  XVII Conference in
Budapest (July 16-19, 2000), and a few days before, at  Second
IPM Workshop IPM-2000 (Budapest, July 13-14, 2000),  there
was the birth town of EUROPT, of our EURO Working Group on Continuous
Optimization, which from those days on became one
of to the most active workings in EURO and has many members
now from so many countries. Hungary is one of the countries in
the heart of Europe. In these days in May 2004, the month when Hungary
became an member, Hungary is also reminding of his rich history. From
the very beginning of our nation on, we connected western and eastern
cultural traditions – just as a bridge and
between yesterday and tomorrow in a growing, developing and peaceful
Europe. And in these days, we also apply to you for a remarkable and,
as we hope, very valuable scientific event in the
next year: for EURO Mini Conference “Continuous Optimization in
Industry”, Pécs, Hungary, June 29 – July 1, 2005! We from
National OR Society of Hungary and EUROPT would be very happy, if you,
if EURO, would like to honour us by accepting our application. ..."