Oct 27, 2005

Dear colleagues and friends,
dear members of EUROPT,
dear Stream Organziers at EURO XXI 2006
related with EUROPT and POP,
dear Committee Members of 5th EUROPT Workshop 2006,

thanks to all the friends involved, the preparations for EURO
XXI 2006 (
http://www.euro2006.org/), Reykjavik, Iceland, July
2-5, 2006, and for our 5th Workshop “Advances in Continuous
Optimization” (
Reykjavik, Iceland, June 30 - July 1, 2006 - events many ones of
us are looking forward to - are going on fine. As an expression
of this and an opportunity to invite further friends to Iceland, the
organizers of EURO XXI 2006 prepared a nice and attractive
Call for Papers. You may find and download this document in
pdf format under the “Call for Papers” link at the EURO XXI
2006 homepage. But there is one more opportunity given:

>From our EURO colleagues on Iceland I obtained a large
number of the CfP in brochure (hard copy) format which can
easily be handed out to friends and colleagues at various
events and, of  course, be sent to them, or to research groups
and institutes. These brochures consist of 2 A4 pages as the
result of folding A3, so that 2 of them can also serve as a small
poster for EURO XXI 2006.

In case of your or your colleagues’ interest in such a stack of
brochures, in an amount you prefer and might help to distribute,
it will be an honour for me to provide you best in the context
of all incoming requests. In this case, please write to me your
address also.

Of course, I neither can nor want to give too big an extra
workload besides the engagement and obligations which
you have already. Being convinced, however, that both events
on Iceland can become so valuable for our domain of
continuous optimization in theory, methods and modern
applications and, herewith, serve our young people, their
collaboration and friendship, I carefully tried to approach to

With best wishes,
cordially yours,

Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

PS: Further engagement and proposals for both meetings
       are sincerely appreciated by the organizers!