February 23, 2005

Dear members of EUROPT,

sincere regards! Hopefully, you feel fine.

There is very good new: Vice-President 1 of EURO,
Prof. Dr. Gulay Barbarosoglu, informed as follows about
our joint application of EUROPT together with GOR
(German OR Society) for a

EURO Summer Institute

“Optimization Challenges in Engineering:
Methods, Software, and Applications”

August 18 – September 2,  2006,
in Wittenberg, Germany.

She wrote:

“Yes, the EURO EC has accepted your proposal to
organize ESI 2006 and we will present it to the Council
in Hawaii [at IFORS 2005] for the final approval.”

Let us be very hopeful that this final step will we also be
passed withour problems.

Sincere thanks to the members of organizing committee,
especially,  to our friends Mirjam Duer, Petra Huhn, Katrin
Klamroth and Christiane Tammer; thanks to EURO Honorary Coordinator
Tamas Terlaky  and President of GOR Gerhard Waescher for encouragement
and support.

The entire lists of OC, of  PC and further valuable information
will be published later on.

Enclosed please find the letter of EURO president, Prof. Dr.
Alexis Tsoukias, which he wrote and sent us. This letter deal
with various topics concerning EURO and its working groups,
e.g., 30 years anniversary celebrations in 2005,  "dual
membership", and "Branding OR". To all of you who gave contributions
for the latter initiative or in any other kind to
EUROPT or EURO, we express our sincere thanks and

Finally, we remind again of the valuable workshop
“Mathematical Programming in Data Mining and Machine
Learning” prepared by our friends from McMaster University
and their colleagues.  

With best wishes,
cordially yours,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

· EURO letter
· Mathematical Programming in Data Mining and Machine Learning