Mar 05, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

a cordial welcome firstly to all new member of EUROPT
- you are sincerely welcome, and our group needs you.
Your knowledge, experience, care for the other ones also
and vision cannot be replaced by any other one.
Thank you!

One word - and invitation still - to EURO XXI 2006, one
of our group's main events in 2006 (together with 5th
EUROPT workshop, ESI 2006, and some smaller events):

At March 2, there were about 1300 abstracts submitted
to EURO XXI 2006. So we are on the way to largest
EURO that ever took place - after the one in Istanbul 2003
which, however, was a Joint event of EURO together with
INFORMS (this year, the INFORMS meeting is taking
place independently and one week before). Of course,
there will be cancellations, but even new submissions to
EURO XXI 2006.

One core contribution to the success of EURO XXI 2006
are You, is Continuous Optimization where EUROPT
together with POP organized a wealth of invited streams, but
also and special talks! Thanks to you and, in particicular, to
the many stream or session organizers, semi-plenary or
tutorial speakers. For closer information please visit the
conference homepage . It may
be mentioned that also the biggest stream is a one prepared
by our group - and for those of our streams which are still
in development we wish to give best help! All those streams
and entire engangement are a contribution to Continuous
Optimization, OR and the people on earth where the chances
implied can hardly be overestimated.

Now, please: IMPORTANT:

a)  The deadline for abstract submission has been extended
      to March 8 - which is quite soon: on Wednesday.

b)  BUT: There is still a bit more time left for enterring the
      Invited Streams - for this reason, if you are interested,
      please visit,  Program,  Call for Papers,

      and do not hesitate the organizers of the stream of your

      If you want to know and support a stream which has some
      more free places, please contact me (
      to your earliest convenience.  

Thank you very much!

If you wish, I remain looking forward
to seeing you on Iceland and spending an unforgettable time,
yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber