April 16, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

first of all, a wonderful time to you, and Happy Eastern

In these days, when many of us are looking forward to
Iceland 2006, i.e., to our EUROPT workshop
and EURO XXI 2006 (http://www.euro2006.org/),
we may be reminded of

a)   the cordial invitation Stream Organization in the name of
      EUROPT at EURO XXII 2007 (http://euro2007.vse.cz/)
      - please do not hestitate to respond to this with your
      precious offer of an Invited Stream (as some of you
      already accepted);

b)  the workshop we have at Institute of Applied Mathematics,
     METU, at the occasion of visit by our member Dr. Dorien
     DeTombe (Chair of EURO Working Group on Complex
     Societal Problems) who helped EUROPT so much. After
     you got the program by the previous EUROPT e-mail,
     please also find a small poster enclosed;

c)  the two new EURO WGs "OR for Development" and
     "OR in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics" which
     we from EUROPT initiated, invite also you and your friends
     to membership and participation!

     In the next weeks, we will closer introduce the names of the
     friends who accepted to serve and lead these groups.

     Everyone of us or our friends who is interested, counts so
     uniquely and preciously --- and continuous optimization will be
     among the key technologies applied by both new groups!

Furthermore, please find

d)  a valuable Position Announcement  (Job Opportunity) at IAM
     of METU included in this e-mail also. Here, especially the
     friends from optimization in financial mathematics could be

With best wishes and kind regards,
cordially yours,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

poster of Workshop on Complex Societal Problems