June 20, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

by this message, our friend and EUROPT member Prof. Dr.
Tatiana Tchemisova (University of Aveiro, Portugal) is drawing
our attention to a precious scientific event which will take
place next year in Porto.

Thank you very much, dear Tatiana!

With best wishes,
cordially yours,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

PS: The workshop booklet, the preliminary program and the
list of participants of our 5th EUROPT Workshop
( http://wwwhome.math.utwente.nl/~stillgj/COPT06/ )
can be found at the homepage already. The preparers
Georg, Oliver, Aysun and me hope that you like it.


OPTIMIZATION 2007 (First Announcement)

July 22-25, 2007

Porto, Portugal

WWW: http://www.fep.up.pt/opti2007

OPTIMIZATION 2007 is the sixth international conference
on optimization organized in Portugal since 1991. We are
proud to announce that six world-renowned scientists
have accepted invitations to give plenary lectures.
We hope to provide a friendly atmosphere and a lively
social program.

The meeting will be held at the Faculty of Economics of
the University of Porto, and it is supported by APDIO
and SPM (the portuguese operations research
and mathematical societies).

We urge participants to make their flight reservations as
early as possible since July is one the the months that
has a high number of tourists visiting Portugal.


CHARLES AUDET | École Polytechnique Montréal, Canada
Direct Search Methods for Non-Smooth Optimization

EGON BALAS | Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Lift-and-Project and Its Impact on the State of the Art
in Integer Programming

ADAM N. LETCHFORD | Lancaster University, UK
The Max-Cut Problem: Applications and Algorithms

SVEN LEYFFER | Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Recent Progress in Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming

MICHAEL J. TODD | Cornell University, USA
Conic Optimization: Interior-Point Methods and Beyond

XIN YAO | University of Birmingham, UK
Evolutionary Optimization and Constraint Handling

José Fernando Gonçalves (Chair), Rui Alves,
Catarina Delgado, Dalila Fontes, Maria Do Rosário Moreira,
Jorge Magalhães Mendes,Jorge Valente and
Luís Nunes Vicente

Researchers are invited to submit electronically to
opti2007@fep.up.pt a title and an abstract not exceeding
200 words of a presentation describing their current
research in any area of Optimization.

For further information you can contact:

Optimization 2007
Prof. José Fernando Gonçalves
Faculdade de Economia
Universidade do Porto
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, s/n
4200-464 Porto

Phone: + 351 225 571 100
Fax: + 351 225 505 050
E-mail: opti2007@fep.up.pt
WWW: http://www.fep.up.pt/opti2007

March 31, 2007 : Deadline for submission of
contributed abstracts.

May 1, 2007 : Notification of acceptance of
submitted abstracts.

May 15, 2007 : Deadline for registration.

Support has been provided by: APDIO, SPM, ISFEP,
Pubindustria, Maismetal, Faculdade de Economia do Porto
and University of Porto.

Poster of Optimization 2007