September 30, 2005

Dear friends and EUROPT members,

cordial regards, and a heartfelt welcome, especially, to our
dear new members!

The organizers of

"ISPRS 2005 - Spatial Data Mining Workshop"
Ankara, Turkey, November 24-25, 2005,

honoured our group EUROPT very much my considering us
as a co-sponsoring organization, not in financial terms given
by us but by the contribution of our domain of continuous
optimization to image processing, statistical learning and
inverse problems. This co-sponsorship consists of presentations
and advisorship in program committees offered by us, in the
announcements sent our by us, etc.. On the workshop homepage,
the EURO logo linking to us represents both this honour and

Today, September 30, 2005, is the last day of "early
registration" (the fee still being less). Whether short-term
submissions of extended abstracts are still possible (deadline
was September 12) might be found out the organizers. But
in any case, another call of papers will be distributed for high-
quality contributions for a special issue of the ISPRS Journal of
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing after the workshop.
These submissions will go through regular peer-review
procedures of the Journal by the Program Committee.
Details of the deadline and paper submission procedures
for the special issue will be announced at the workshop.

When being interested, would you please for closer details
visit .

Perhaps we will share Turkish hospitality together in about
eight weeks.

Thank you very much for your kind attention!

With best wishes,
sincerely yours,

Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber


The Objective of The Workshop
The objective of this workshop is to gather researchers as well
as practitioners, knowledge engineers and domain experts from
allied disciplines from academia and industry who are working on
various research fields of spatial/spatio-temporal data - mining,
discuss recent developments, share hard-learned experiences,
and shed light on future development of spatial/spatio-temporal
data-mining and explore new approaches and issues. This
workshop will address many aspects of spatial/spatio-temporal
data - mining ranging from theories, methodologies, algorithms, to
their applications. Particularly, how Spatial/spatio-temporal data -
mining techniques can be integrated with RS –for detecting and
extracting spatial information- and GIS –for analysis and
management of gigantic spatial data- is emphasized to create
intelligent systems for geo-related sciences. Through this
workshop, we hope to produce modern solutions facilitating
data collection, processing and knowledge discovery and to
create synergy among different branches by means of paper
presentation, panel discussion, and invited talks.