Nov 13,2005

Dear members of EUROPT,

friendly regards, and a cordial welcome to all the friends
who joined us during the last weeks! It means a pleasure, a
strong enrichment and an honour for us that you became
EUROPT members.

By this e-mail, we learn about a valuable information and
invitation which our EUROPT friend and member Prof. Dr.
Etienne de Klerk (Tilburg) sent to us by the following
announcement of the workshop HPOPT 2006. It is going
to take place at the occasion of the 65th birthday of our
dear EUROPT teacher Prof. Dr. Kees Roos who has served
our group in so many ways and supported a great number
of EUROPT members on their academical lifelines.

Cordial thanks to dear Etienne and his organizing colleagues
for inviting us and for their preparations, and to Prof. Roos -
dear Kees - for all what he has done for us.

With best wishes,
yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber


Announcing the workshop ...

High Performance Optimization Techniques 2006
(HPOPT 2006)

in honour of Professor Kees Roos' 65th birthday.

Date and place:

June 15th and 16th, 2006, Delft University of Technology,
The Netherlands.


This is the 9th in a series of workshops on "high performance
optimization techniques" that started in 1996 in Delft. It is also
a special year for the organizers, as we celebrate the 65th
birthday of Kees Roos as well as his career achievements.
The workshop will consist of invited presentations by leading
international experts in mathematical optimization, as well as a
special session to celebrate Kees Roos' birthday and career.

Please note that talks are by invitation only.

Confirmed speakers (in alphabetical order):

Yanqin Bai (Shanghai University)
Aharon Ben-Tal (Technion, Haifa)
Robert Freund (MIT)
Florian Jarre (Dusseldorf University)
Monique Laurent (CWI, Amsterdam)
Yurii Nesterov (CORE, Catholic University of Louvain)
Tamás Terlaky (McMaster University, Hamilton)
Jean-Philippe Vial (University of Geneva)
Yinyu Ye (Stanford University)

Workshop web-site: