June 27, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

a cordial thank to You, the members of EUROPT:

In the preparation of our forthcoming two Iceland events,
EURO XXI 2006 and, before, 5th EUROPT Workshop,
many of you are serving as Organizers - also many
members of our EUROPT-supported 2 new EURO WGs
are serving in this way, as Stream Organizers, further
members in committee, as Session Organizers and speakers.
In Iceland, our devotion will aim at respecting and celebrating
all this social and scientific engagement and the foundation
of the two new EURO WGs and the friends who will take care
of them as well.

At EURO 2006 we will have about 1700 participants (about
1500 presentations) and at our EUROPT Workshop about 80 participants.

EUROPT has many members now, and the two new groups
are gaining members nicely. It is the responsibilty of EUROPT
to serve best to All the members and friends involved, contribute
to their future, scientific and personal perspective.

To all of you who will come to Iceland, please have a save

If you cannot come to Iceland, we are looking forward to
deepening and enjoying our friendship and collaboration
at other occasions which will come.

Our look is going towards EURO XXII 2007 in Prague, where
about 20 Main Streams will be prepared and (Sub-) Streams
and Sessions included. EUROPT continues to support here,
to serve for this event and help our members to contribute to it

Please also note that before EURO XXII 2007, we have
together with OMS started to plan

A joint EUROPT-OMS Meeting:
2nd Conference on Optimization Methods & Software     and
6th EUROPT Workshop "Advances in ContinuousOptimization",      July
4-7, 2007, in Prague, Czech Republic.

About all of this and the new management and structure of
EUROPT, our group goes on with care and devotion and shall
inform after the Iceland days.

With best wishes,
cordially yours,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

PS: Enclosed please find membership forms for the 2 new
       EURO WGs and of our group EUROPT. These may be
       interesting for you and your colleagues, respectively.
       You are welcome.

- Membership Form EURO WG OR in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
- Membership Form EURO WG OR for Development
- Membership Form of EUROPT - EURO Working Group of Continuous Optimization