Aug 30, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

friendly regards and a special welcome to our new members!
It is most valuable that you are with us.

By this e-mail, we may become sincerely invited by and
reminded of

a)  Call for Papers to our CEJOR Special Issue,
b)  the opportunity to insert into our EUROPT homepage (y)our
     "Main Research Areas" for the data base,
c)  Call for Papers to EJOR Special Issue to EURO XXI 2006,


d)  first brochures / Call for Papers to EURO XXII 2007.

Ad a)-b):  Subsequently please find our call and information
                 from the last EUROPT e-mail; please find also two
                 corresponding attachments.

Ad c):  Please find the CfP attached. Those papers called for
            are selected ones, i.e., recommended by the corresponding
            stream or session organizer who hosted the presentation
            related with sustainable development at EURO XXI 2006.

Ad d):  There are serveral hundred copies of that CfP for the
             EURO in Prague with me. Still the main streams and
             streams are noy yet inserted, but this will be done later
             on. If you wish a number of these exemplars for a first
             information and advertising among your colleagues and
             friends, please let me know such that I can provide you.

With friendly regards
and best wishes,
yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Information and documents attached:

Ad a):

Dear colleague,

the Central European Journal of Operations Research will publish
a special issue on "Advances in Continuous Optimization". This special
issue is initiated by EUROPT, the EURO Working Group
on Continuous Optimization, in close correspondence with EURO.
It will contain papers presented during our recent EUROPT
Workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland, and in the continuous
optimization streams of EURO 2006.

We would highly appreciate your contribution to this special issue.
Please see the attached PDF file for detailed information (note
that the links are clickable). The attached Latex file contains
example commands for CEJOR's formatting style. Please send
all correspondence to mailto: .

With best regards,

Oliver Stein, Georg Still, Tamas Terlaky, and
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
(CEJOR guest editors)


Ad b):


Our data base master Köksal Yucesoy has prepared the
additional category of insertion "Main Research Areas" into the
electronical membership form at
In the List of Members, this is not appearing (as a lot of further
information, it is hidden there). However, it could serve very
well for finding referees for the CEJOR and other/ later special
issues. Reversely, (y)our information on Main Research Areas
inserted there could "protect" you a bit from becoming asked
to write reports on papers which are not so much corresponding
to your actual nowadays research.

You are kindly invited to insert the contents of your "Main
Research Areas" by going to the side (link) "List of members"
at . Please visit the link
"Update your data". If you forgot your password, you will find an
opportunity in form of the link "Forgot your password?" for
getting it and the username sent.

Thank you very much for your attention and collaboration!

Ad d):  further enclosure

- Call for Papers - Central European Journal of Operations Research (CEJOR) Special Issue on "Advances in Continuous Optimization"
- CEJOR example TEX file
- EJOR special issue (EUROXXI 2006)