Nov 23,2005

Dear members of EUROPT,

with this message, our friends and members
Prof. Dr. Adil Bagirov and Prof. Dr. Alex Rubinov
(Ballarat, Australia), draw our attention and invite us
to their Stream "Global and Local Derivative Free
Optimization" at EURO XXI 2006 on Iceland. Both
are also important partners from POP which is so
closely collaborating with us scientifically and in
view of a Iceland 2006 becoming a precious
support for our research domain and for our

Thank you very much, dear Alex and dear Adil!

Please visit also the other precious Streams in the
fields of Continuous Optimization, carefully prepared
together with EUROPT and POP, and of modern OR at
all, at EURO XXI 2006, under ,    
Call for Papers.

With friendly regards,
yours sincerely,

Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber  

PS: As offered in the previous e-mails: If you wish a number of
        brochures of the Call for Papers of EURO XXI 2006 (nice
        coloured hard copies), please let me know.

  - Global and Local Derivative Free Optimization