Nov 23,2005

Dear members of EUROPT,

with this message, our friend and member Prof. Dr.
Sandor Z. Nemeth (Birmingham, UK) is informing and
inviting us to the Stream "Mathematical Programming" at
EURO XXI 2006 on Iceland, which he is organizing together
with our friends and members Prof. Dr. Mustafa Pinar
(Ankara, Turkey) and Prof. Dr. Raphael Hauser (Cambridge,
UK). Since in the meaning of "MP"  there are various over-
lappings with other streams' contents, Sandor Z. Nemeth
figured them out carefully.

Thank you very much, dear Sandor!

Thank you also very much for your efforts,
dear Mustafa and dear Raphael!

Please visit also the other precious Streams in the
fields of Continuous Optimization, carefully prepared
together with EUROPT and POP, and of modern OR at
all, at EURO XXI 2006, under ,    
Call for Papers.

With friendly regards,
yours sincerely,

Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber  

Mathematical Programming