Jan 22, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

friendly regards and a good and safe start for each of us into
the new week! A cordial welcome to all the ones who joined
us during the previous weeks: Your being with us is so very
much appreciates, as colleagues in scientific exchange and
sharing of responsibility and, sometimes, of burden, and as
dear friends!

By this e-mail, once again we would like to congratulate a
young friends and group members, namely, BSc. Zeynep
Alparlan (PhD student at Institute of Applied Mathematics,
METU), at the occasion of her merriage. On friday, the wedding
took place. Dear Zeynep and dear Sinan, Zeynep's husband,
we congratulate you cordially and wish you all the very best on
your way together and, if you allow, with us.

If you have good news to tell about yourself or other colleagues
and members, professionally or privately, please send them to
us via
gweber@metu.edu.tr .

Cordial thanks to our friend Prof. Dr. Matthias Ehrgott (University
of Auckland, New Zealand) who honoured us by giving careful
information about EUROPT in the recent ORSNZ Newsletter
from December 2005. ORSNZ is the Operational Research
Society of New Zealand. Please find this newletter with our
report and introduction enclosed. Dear Matthias: thank you
very much!

In the last weeks, our friend and webmaster Basak served by
updated our frontpage introduction at EUROPT homepage
http://www.iam.metu.edu.tr/EUROPT/). Sincere thanks for all
your efforts for all our sides and data bases at EUROPT and
EURO to you, our dear friend, young colleagues and members
from METU Ankara:

-  Basak Akteke,
-  Koksal Yucesoy   and
-  Aysun Tezel .

Your service is very important!

Coming back to New Zealand: For the entire Pacific region, our
contact and fruitful collaboration has been and is most closely
connected with one name: Professor Dr. Alexander Rubinov
(University of Ballarat, Australia). For all your hard work and
strong devotion, for your care, well understanding and varity
of support given to us, to EUROPT and many of its members
individually, we are indebted to you so much. Our engagement
at EURO XXI 2006 (where EUROPT and POP work together
in about 20 streams) and the preceding EUROPT workshop
on Iceland will show your unique handwriting and shall became
an expression of our gratitude. All the best, our dear teacher
and friend Alex!

To all of us a small information: Everyone's talents and gift count
- we need them. Please have the liberty to offer them to us
whenever you feel the wish. Do not hesitate. Also your institution
is welcome: whenever is might be interested and willing to
identify with EUROPT's efforts, it may also become a small
co-sponsor, e.g., of our workshop on Iceland where we expect
many friends (
Everything donated by your house will find a clear and warm
reflection at our homepage, in our workshop preparations and
account later on (contact for this:
mustafap@bilkent.edu.tr, gweber@metu.edu.tr).

With best wishes,
good and robost health,
hope in our hearts
and friendship,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber


- ORSNZ Newsletter from December 2005