Nov 28,2005

Dear members of EUROPT,

by this e-mail we may express a cordial thank to
the organizers of "ISPRS 2005" (Spatial Data Mining
Workshop), Ankara, Turkey, November 24-25, 2005,
who honoured EUROPT by being a co-organizing group.
Special thanks to the organizers, especially, our friends
Prof. Dr. Sebnem Duzgun, Prof. Dr. Zuhal Akyurek and
Cand. PhD Abdulvahit Torun. In fact, this workshop became
a great success from both the scientific and the social
viewpoints, and a number of participants became members
in EUROPT. To all of them and to all further new friends who
joined us we are 412 ones today a cordial gratitude and
regard! By you we are very enriched, personally and by the
scientific domain which your are representing. Recently,
further modern and important application domains came to
our community by this personal way.

EUROPT hopes and tries to do its best to satisfy the
confidence you gave. You are very important for us.

Our group bases on a principle of participation and
appreciation on any contribution offered.

As you might know, in these weeks at the end of
2005, we are looking for our forthcoming events,

-  5th EUROPT Workshop
   "Advances in Continuous Optimization":
-  EURO XXI 2006:
-  EURO Summer Institute (ESI) 2006
   "Optimization Challenges in Engineering:
   Methods, Software and Applications":

and the application preparation for EURO Mini Conference
"Continuous Optimization in Modern Life Sciences and
Development" (South Africa, 2007).  After our proposal for new
EURO Working Group "Operational Research for Development" became
accepted, we also hope that the enriched proposal on
new EURO Working Group "Computational Biology and Bioinformatics"
will be. Foundation aid to new EURO WGs
belongs to EUROPTís commitments.

Any of your scientific interests in these or further events and
initiatives, phantasy in the fields of research, organization or
social relations is welcome and appreciated, steps in
responsibility and elements of leadership included.

If you feel any such an impulse, then please contact Prof. Dr.
Forian Jarre (coordinator;,
Prof. Dr. Marco Lopez ( or me

Concering  the application for EURO MC 2007 in South Africa,
please contact Prof. Dr. Montaz Ali ( and,
concerning our 5th EUROPT Workshop, Prof. Dr. Georg Still

Thank you very much for all you did or do and what you mean
for us, and thank you also in advance!

With best wishes,
yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber  

PS: EURO XXI 2006 with many ones of you engaged (thanks!): , not to be forgotten. And our
       ESI 2006 with our friends Prof. Dr. Mirjam Duer, Prof. Dr.
       Huhn, Prof. Dr. Kathrin Klamroth and Prof. Dr. Christiane
       Tammer in leadership is close to our heart likewise.