Dec 20,2005

Dear members of EUROPT,

by this message, our friend Prof. Dr. Miguel Anjos
(Waterloo, Canada) is drawing our attention to the Stream
"Semidefinite Programming" at EURO XXI 2006 organized
by him. Please find his announcement below!

Thank you very much, dear Miguel.

May we at this occasion also mention two further scientific
events taking place in hospitable Turkey, 2006:

a)     "First Conference of
         Advanced Mathematical Methods for Finance",
         Antalya, Turkey, April 26-30, 2006,;
         among the organizers, from EUROPT's members’/friends’
         side, there are, in particular:
         Prof. Dr. Hayri Körezlioglu, Prof. Dr. Azize Hayfavi,
         Prof. Dr. Mustafa Pinar, Assist. Prof. Dr. Kasýrga Yildirak
         and Dr. Ömür Ugur

b)    "Workshop of Geometric Morphometry",
         Ankara, Turkey,  June 12-16,  2006,;
         among the organizers, from EUROPT's friends’ side,
         there are, in particular:
         Prof. Dr. Aykut Kence and Prof. Dr. Meral Kence.

Thanks for all the efforts!

With friendly regards,
yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber


Invitation to participate in the stream


21st European Conference on Operational Research
in Reykjavik, Iceland, July 2-5, 2006

Semidefinite Programming (commonly referred to as SDP) is
currently one of the most active areas of research in
optimization and has attracted researchers from a variety of
areas because of its theoretical power, algorithmic elegance
and wide applicability.

Presentations are welcome on any aspect of the theory,
algorithms, and applications of SDP. It is hoped that this stream
will provide up-to-date view of this exciting area to the whole
EURO community.

Furthermore, the EURO XXI conference offers:
o  a European conference with an international flavour,
o  the first EURO conference in a Nordic country since Finland 1992,
o  exotic nature, glaciers, volcanic lava and waterfalls,
o  excellent conference facilities,
o  good organisation,
o  the midnight sun,
o  valuable satellite events

Stream Organizer and Contact:
o   Miguel Anjos (University of Waterloo, Canada)

Two working groups on continuous optimization are hosting this
and related streams at the conference:

o   EURO Working Group on Continuous Optimization
     (EUROPT): ,
o   The Pacific Optimization Research Activity Group
     (POP): .

Important Dates:
o  On-line submission of abstracts:
     now in operation
o  Deadline for abstract submission:
     March 1st, 2006
o  Deadline for early registration:
     April 1st, 2006
o  Deadline for author registration (for inclusion in the programme):
     May 15th, 2006
o  Conference:
     July 2-5th, 2006

Pre-Conference Workshops:
o  5th EUROPT Workshop
   "Advances in Continuous Optimization",
   Reykjavik, Iceland, June 30 - July 1, 2006,
o  Maximal Software - Optimization Modeling in Practice, .

Looking forward to seeing you in Iceland next July,
Miguel Anjos