Jan 31, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

by this message, our attention may be drawn to:

- Our EJOR Special Issue "Continuous Optimization in the
  Industry" at the occasion of celebrated EURO Mini Conference
  2005 in Pecs: The team of guest editors around our friend Prof.
  Dr. Tibor Illes (furthermore, Prof. Dr. Marco Lopez, Prof. Dr.
  Tamas Terlaky, Prof. Dr. Jozsef Vörös, me) received valuable
  submissions already; the deadline passed but a number of
  late submissions are still welcome (illes@cs.elte.hu)!

- The organizers of 2nd Workshop "Algorithmic Techniques for
   Data Mining 2006 (ATDM 2006)" have extended the deadline
   of (full) paper submission by two weeks until Friday, February 10.
   The workshop web site http://iui.bgu.ac.il:8080/atdm2006/ has
   been updated accordingly. Any further questions please address
   Prof. Dr. Mark Last (mlast@bgu.ac.il).

   Here, EUROPT members like, e.g., Prof. Dr. Zeev Volkovich
   and Prof. Dr. Marc Teboulle, are involved.

- Not to be forgotten - but there is enough time left - our EJOR
  Special Issue at the occasion of EURO XXI 2006 which we
  sent out recently.

If you, your friends and students consider submission, this would
be a great honour for the colleagues taking care here and, as
we hope, a chance for each of us.

EUROPT has 450 members at the moment. To fulfill the width
of responsibilities for all of us, we all are welcome and needed!
There are so many places where your uniques talents,
experiences, your endurance and friendship are very important
and cordially welcome.

Thanks for all who served already or have committed to

Please let us keep in mind Iceland (cf. the attachments)!

With best wishes,
yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber


- EURO XXI Poster
- First Poster Iceland Workshop