Dec 23, 2005

Dear members of EUROPT,

for all the common time, energy, friendship and hope we
shared in 2005, please receive heartfelt thanks! In the
annual report about this year which is going to end soon,
we shall read how much we achieved together. In 2006,
many challenges and chances wait for us, last but not
least at ESI 2006, EURO XXI 2006 and our 5th EUROPT
workshop, but also many further ones. Concerning our
workshop, the progress of preparation is fine. The University
of Iceland will be hospitable to us, EURO will give some
valuable financial support, and also the company of our
friend and member Prof. Janos Pinter will be a sponsor.
Further companies standing at our side would be welcome
also. Our entire projects and preparations go on well, and
we are on a way of fulfilling the committments we accepted
when we founded EUROPT, among of them giving aid in
founding new EURO working groups.

All that engagement requires us all, each of us with his and
her unique personality, a combination of precious gifts which
cannot be replaced by any other one. Please know yourself
most cordially welcome to enrich us by any impulse and effort
contributed to our group EUROPT!

Following this letter please find one more stream
announcement for EURO XXI 2006.

The year is not over, so that further messages will come.
But in this special time we have for today,
I remain with thanks and
with best seasonal greetings -
a merry Christmas and happy new year,
God bless each one of you and your families,

yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber


Cordial Invitation
to the Stream

at  EURO XXI 2006
21st European Conference
on Operational Research

in Reykjavik, Iceland,
July 2-5, 2006

A stream "Generalized Newton Methods” is in preparation for        
EURO 2006 and you are warmly welcome invited to participate      
and give a presentation. This stream will consist of several
sessions and they altogether intend to give a rich overview of
recent developments in this modern and important field of
continuous optimization and analysis. In fact, papers on all
aspects on theory, numerics and application of Generalized
Newton Methods are welcome.

EURO XXI 2006 will serve as a facility for deepening
and further initiation of scientific exchanges, collaboration
and friendships in Generalized Newton Methods as well as
with the other working groups of OR, operating for the
benefit of people in our discipline and a good future.

Stream Organizer and Contact:
o   Liqun Qi
     (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong / China)
     e-mail: .

Two working groups on continuous optimization are
hosting this and related streams at the conference:

o   EURO Working Group on Continuous Optimization  
o   The Pacific Optimization Research Activity Group
     (POP): .

Furthermore, we will have a special theme for the whole
conference: "OR for Better Management of Sustainable
Development", Plenary and Semi-Plenary Lectures, and a
special issue of European Journal of Operational Research
(EJOR) for the conference proceedings.

Important Dates:
o On-line submission of abstracts:
     now in operation
o Deadline for abstract submission:
     March 1st, 2006
o Deadline for early registration:
     April 1st, 2006
o Deadline for author registration (for inclusion in the programme):
     May 15th, 2006
o Conference:
     July 2-5th, 2006

Pre-Conference Workshops:
•  5th EUROPT Workshop
     "Advances in Continuous Optimization",
    Reykjavik, Iceland, June 30 - July 1, 2006,
•  Maximal Software - Optimization Modeling in Practice,

Looking forward to sharing an exciting, and hopefully valuable,
time with you on Iceland,

A. Rubinov, G.-W. Weber  and M. Shutler