Jan 11, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

by this e-mail we may by a little poster on our "5th EUROPT
Workshop on Advances in Continuous Optimization" be
reminded again a bit of our this year's engagement on Iceland
(cf. attachment); a second, more artificial poster is in preparation
and we shall see it soon. By the way, the organizers of the other
Iceland event, EURO XXI 2006, sincerely recommend us to
do the abstract submission, reservation of flight and accomodation
not too late but in these weeks! We from EUROPT together with
our friends from POP offer a great variety of streams! Thanks to
all the wonderful members and friends collaborating with us here
so engaged.

If you like the small poster a bit, then, perhaps you would like
to use it for invitation to Iceland and to membership in  

Also please find the announcement of a precious event which
will take place in METU, Ankara; main organizer is a famous      
Turkish biologist: Professor Aykut Kence. This information and
event may also remind us our group's continuous efforts in the
area of computational biology and bioinformatics, where
EUROPT has so much to offer and we hope to give further good
news soon.

With best wishes,
cordially yours,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

enclosure:  - small poster attached,
                    - announcement subsequently:


               Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
                                        June 12-16, 2006



Morphometrics is the study of shape variation in organisms and its
covariation with other variables. During the last 15 years there have
been great advances in development of the methods used for
description and statistical analysis of shape variation. The aim of
this workshop is  to provide comprehensive introduction to both      
theory and methods in the shape analysis and its practical aspects.
Traditional morphometric analyses are based on the measurements that
generate sets of distances among objects being studied, while
geometric morphometrics utilizes  landmark coordinates to extract the
shape of the objects. The main objective of the workshop is to equip
the students with knowledge to analyze shapes of the organisms in
their study and carry out the statistical analyses of their data. The
workshop will be presented in a lecture and laboratory format where
lectures are followed by practical sessions in data acquisition, use
of shape analysis software, statistical analysis. Geometric
morphometrics is used in describing and comparing  shapes of organisms
or the shapes of particular structures. This method    is applicable
in studying geographical, developmental, genetic, and environmental
variation in shape of the organisms. Thus it is can be    used  by a
broad category of students in the fields of ecology, evolution,
systematics, genetics, medicine, etc.. Since it is          
applicable to many areas in biology, medicine, and anthropology,      
it is very useful in interdisciplinary research areas.

The workshop is limited to 20 students. Participants are expected    
to work on their own example (small) data sets to facilitate
understanding of the application of  geometric morphometric        
methods, and each student is expected to present a brief summary    
of the analysis of her/his own data. In case of further interest
please see the contact address below.

This workshop is organized by Department of Biology, METU
(http://www.bio.metu.edu.tr/), sponsored by Scientific and Technical
Research Council of Turkey (http://www.tubitak.gov.tr/) and METU
(http://www.metu.edu.tr/) and supported by Institute of Applied
Mathematics, METU (http://www.iam.metu.edu.tr/), and EURO     Working
Group on Continuous Optimization (EUROPT;
) with its service for
computational biology and optimization of biosystems.

o  Dean C. Adams  (Iowa State University),  
o  F. James Rohlf  (SUNY Stony Brook),  
o  Dennis E. Slice  (University of Vienna).

For additional information please CONTACT:
Prof. Dr. Aykut Kence
Department of Biology
Middle East Technical University
06531 Ankara
e-mail: aykut@metu.edu.tr

- Poster of EURO XXI in Iceland
- Call for Papers of EURO XXI in Iceland