Dec 09, 2005

Dear members of EUROPT,

by this e-mail we may congratulate two friends and
EUROPT members to their marriage some weeks
ago: our homepage /  webmaster MSc. Başak Akteke
and MSc. Caner Öztürk! With wish you a wonderful
common time, and a pleasant and fruitful one with us
also; God bless you. Thank you very much for all your
contributions. It may be mentioned that also Basak's
brother MSc. Halil Akteke is an EUROPT member and
friend - congratulation and thanks to you also!

With pleasure we likewise congratulate all the members
who married in the weeks and months before, and want to
do this best possible also in future.

As announced in a number of previous e-mails, ESI 2006
will take place in Wittenberg, Germany. Thanks again to
our engaged friends and organizers of this special event,
especially, to Mirjam, Christiane, Kathrin and Petra!
Please find a very nice announcement of this meeting,
which will be one of our group's highlights in 2006, included.

With best wishes,
cordially yours,

Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber


PS: If your friends and students might join us, they are
       cordially welcome and can do this via our homepage.