January, 2005

Dear members of EUROPT,

friendly regards! A special welcome to those of you
who joined EUROPT during the previous weeks and
became new members. It is fine that you are with us
and we are grateful; you are important for our group,
scientifically and personally.

There is some information which we want to give by
this e-mail.

(1) On http://www.cs.elte.hu/opres/Pecs05EUROmini/
      we can find first information about our EURO Mini
      Conference "Optimization in the Industry"  in Pecs,
      Hungary, June 29 - July 1, 2005. You are sincerely
      invited to come to Pecs, and possibly would also
      like to spread the enclosed announcement a bit!

      Thanks to our Hungarian friends for their efforts!

(2) Our two mini-symposia, submitted by our friends
      Prof. Marco Lopez and Prof. Jan Rückmann for 8th
      SIAM Conference on Optimization, have become
      accepted! Their streams "Semi-Infinite Programming
      I / II" are on Linear and Nonlinear SIP, respectively.
      Congratulations to Marco and Jan, and to Prof. Sven A.
      Gustafson as the initiator! But also to Prof. Tamas Terlay
      whose stream on the Central Path in IPM is also associated
      with EUROPT, and to other of our members and friends for
      their conference organization, or MS acceptance and
      contributions! For closer details, please visit of

      With the SIAM conference in Sweden, also our Nordic time will
      be opened, with a strong continuation on Iceland in 2006
      (cf. also (5))!

(3)  Our friend and EUROPT member Dr. Jiming Peng informs
       about his and his colleagues' "Workshop on Mathematical    
       Programming in Data Mining and Machine Learning",
       June 1-4, 2005, at McMaster University, Hamilton, ON,
       Canada. Please find the announcement of this valuable
       event enclosed.

(4)  Our friend Dr. Dorien DeTombe, coordinator of EURO
       Working Group on Complex Societal Problems, and
       EUROPT member, invites and devotes her group's
       special efforts in 2005 to help and studies at the occasion
       of the recent tsunami (for contact: DeTombe@lri.jur.uva.nl).

(5)  Furthermore, the preparations on EURO 2006 are going
       on very well, e.g., in our various fields of continuous
       by EUROPT and our friends from POP! Soon the streams
       and their organizers will be published on EURO 2006
       homepage http://www.euro2006.org/.

       Our 5 th EUROPT workshop preceding EURO 2006 is on
       a good way of preparation likewise!

For more detailled information, also about other precious events
and engagements up to 2007, further e-mails will follow.

With friendly regards and best wishes,
yours sincerely,

    Florian Jarre    and    Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

PS: In case of your impulses, proposals or questions,
       please do not hesitate to contact us!

· 16th EURO Mini Conference
· Mathematical Programming in Data Mining and Machine Learning