February 07, 2005

Dear members of EUROPT,
dear friends,

sincere regards! At the beginning of this e-mail, which
will mainly be a small reminder or some forthcoming
events in 2005, we wish to say a special welcome to
all friends who joined EUROPT during the previous
weeks! Thank you very much; we are very glad that
you personally, all your valuable experience, your
possible impulses and wishes are with us now.

May we please draw your attention to

1) valuable session "Continuous Optimization and the
    Transportation Problems" prepared for IFORS
    Triennial 2005 Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii (July
    11-15, 2005) prepared by our friend Professor Tatiana
    Tchemisova; please find an announcement and
    invitation attached (in the coming days there are
    still chances to reserve a place in the session!);

2) 17th EURO Mini Conference "Continuous Optimization
     in Industry", Pecs, Hungary (June 29 - July 1, 2005),
     where abstract submission and registration are
     possible already; please see

     May we please announce also that German OR Society
     (GOR) became a co-organize / sponsor. What is more,
     GOR and HORS (Hungarian OR Society) are looking forward
     to a good collaboration and partnership in future!

3) "The 1st International Conference on Control and Optimization
     with Industrial Applications", Baku, Azerbaijan (May 22-25,
     2005), where our friend Professor Alexander Rubinov is
     among the organizers of this valuable event; please cf.


With warm regards and best wishes,
yours sincerely,

Florian Jarre        and         Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber


Invitation to Continuous Optimization and the Transportation Problems