May 05, 2005

Dear friends and members of EUROPT,

warm regards to you! This e-mail is devoted to one of our dear
colleagues and friends, who is very meritorious for many ones of
us and for EUROPT at all: Professor Dr. Alexander Rubinov, from
University of Ballarat, Australia.

Some weeks ago, Professor Rubinov – dear Alex - completed his
term as the Chairman of ORB (January 2000 - March 2005).
ORB is “The Optimization Research Bridge” of POP, Pacific
Optimization Activity Group (for ORB please cf.
In these years, Alex has been and he still is a driving force for a
lot of scientific enterprises and, in particular, of the close and
fruitful collaboration between POP and EUROPT, between those different
regions of the world and on the person stage of friendship and looking
forward in a common vision. During that period, many reports of EUROPT
members became published in ORB, many
POP members became EUROPT members, and vice versa.
Alex served in different scientific events organized by EUROPT,
he is a guest editor of EJOR together with us, a member of
Advisory Board or the new group “Young People for Operational
Research in the Developing Countries” (YORC) founded
and supported by EUROPT members. There is a common
supervision of students together with Alex, and a special care
of the nations of Middle East and Central Asia is a matter of Alex’
and our heart. An important expression and precious celebration
of the closeness between EUROPT and POP will take place at
“EURO XXI 2006” ( where both
optimization groups have prepared and are organizing a
remarkable number of interesting streams (please visit the link
“Call for Papers” and don’t hesitate to join us).  

Before, in a few weeks, we wish you, dear Alex, and many of our
friends a pleasant and successful “The 1st International Conference
on Control and Optimization with Industrial Applications” in Baku

We would like to express to Professor Alexander Rubinov our
sincere gratitude for what he initiated and did for us as Chairman
of ORB, are looking forward to a further good and joyful collaboration
and friendship with him! With Professor Xiaoling Sun who has been
become his successor, we will certainly work together very well and
wish him all the best as the new “Editor”!

Dear Alex, you are very important for us; thank you very cordially
for all your care and efforts!

With friendly regards
and best wishes to all our members,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

PS: A sincere welcome to all new EUROPT members you joined
       us during the last weeks!