June 10, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

in the new week, there will be a precious Workshop at
Middle East Technical University, organized by some of our
friends (especially, from the new EURO WG "OR in
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics").

The group around our teachers Professor Aykut Kence and
Professor Meral Kence are welcoming distinguished experts
from the USA as well as a group of young people from the
Middle East region and the Balkans for

Workshop of Geometric Morphometry,
Ankara, Turkey, June 12-16, 2006.

Please find closer information about this unique event which
is devoted to modern scientific methods from data mining
(where EUROPT has served a lot in) and applied mathematics
which are applicable in many areas of biology and biotechnology

http://www.metu.edu.tr/~aykut/ .

EUROPT was accepted to be cosponsor of this event.

In view of our 5th EUROPT Workshop "Advances in Continuous
Optimization", Reykjavik, Iceland, June 30 - July 1, 2006, two
new sponsors joined us (besides the ones we gratefully
acknowledged already):

a) university TOBB ETÜ from Ankara, Turkey
( http://www.etu.edu.tr/ ),
where we have friends, members and supporters
more and more,

b) MathFinance AG from Waldems, Germany
( http://www.mathfinance.com/ ),
where our friend and members Prof. Uwe Wystup
is responsible for.

Thank you very much and let us look forward to a long-term

Please find the workshop poster updated by the 2 new
sponsors attached.

EUROPT served in the preparation of the new EURO Working
Groups "Operational Research in Computational Biology and
Bioinformatics" and "Operational Research for Development"
which are founded to serve us well and is free of charge!

The two Foundation Meetings will take place at EURO XXI
2006 ( http://www.euro2006.org/ ) as follows:

ROOM: Oddi 205

Foundation Meeting of EURO WG
"OR in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics":

Tuesday: 10.30-12h

Foundation Meeting of EURO WG
"OR for Development":

Tuesday: 14-15.30h

We all, in Iceland or any other place, can in one or another way,
practically or atmospherically contribute to giving both new groups
a "headstart" and help them for excellent contributions to EURO
family and forthcoming EURO conferences.

For closer information please contact our friends EUROPT
members Assist. Prof. Dr. Metin Türkay ( mturkay@ku.edu.tr ),
Prof. Dr. Leroy White ( Leroy.White@bristol.ac.uk ),
respectively, and also our friends and EUROPT members Cand.
Dr. Fernando Crespo ( facrespo@puc.cl ), Cand. Dr. Pedamallu Chandra
Sekhar ( pcs_murali@lycos.com ) and me ( gweber@metu.edu.tr ).

Thanks also to each of them! And to you - every member is
unique and counts for our group EUROPT and its future!

With sincere regards
and best wishes,
cordially yours,

Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber