July 16 , 2004

Dear EUROPT members and friends,

sincere regards! Hopefully, you feel fine.

A special welcome to all new EUROPT members!

In the two last weeks, our group EUROPT had its forth annual meeting "Workshop on Challenges of Continuous Optimization in Theory and Applications" (Rhodes, July 2-3, 2004), several sessions and a semi-plenary lecture at EURO conference (Rhodes 4-7, 2004), and our EURO Summer Institute (ESI XXII) "Optimization and Data Mining" (Ankara, July9-25; Chairman: B. Karasözen) began. We are glad that at these events there was a good response given to the organizers; especially, at our present ESI both teachers and students seem to be very happy.

To all friends who worked for these events we express our sincere gratitude!

Enclosed lease find calls for papers for EJOR special issues of both our Rhodes workshop and our ESI in Ankara. While the latter one focuses on the aspect of "Data Mining", the first one is aims at the wide remaining fields of continuous optimization.

Furthermore, we are glad that our EUROPT joint application with Hungarian OR Society for EURO Mini Conference "Continuous Optimization in the Industry" (Pecs, Hungary, June 29- July 1, 2005) became very positively evaluated and accepted by EUROPT. Please find our MC poster attached! Congratulation to all friends from Hungary and EUROPT who helped for this big success!

Concerning further common plans for our group EUROPT, we will continue exchanging with you and informing you with pleasure!

Finally, also find the recent annoucement of the conference VOCAL which our honorary coordinator T. Terlaky informs us about.

With best wishes, yours very sincerely

Florian Jarre                                                Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
of EUROPT                            Vice-Coordinator of EUROPT

Attachments of the letter :
  • Rhodes workshop-EJOR special issue.doc
  • ESI 2004-EJOR special issue.doc
  • European Journal of Operational Research.htm
  • Poster.rar
  • Vocal.doc