July 22, 2005

Dear friends,

sincere regards! Hopefully, you had or still have a valuable time
of vacation or scientific events! Some of these events already
passed and were mentioned in previous e-mails (we reminded
about the wonderful days in Stockholm and Baku). Other ones
finished more recently and became a great pleasure and success
for all participants and our scientific community thanks to the
engaged organizers!

Among those events there were “Workshop of the European Group
on European Working Group on Metaheuristics”, Vilnius, Lithuania,
May 19-21, 2005 - thanks to the group around our friend Prof.
Leonidas Sakalauskas,  "Workshop on Algorithmic Techniques for
Data Mining", Karmiel, Israel, May 30, 2005 – thanks to our friend
Prof. Jacob Kogan and the friends from Karmiel, "IFORS 2005",
Hawaii, July 11-15 - where we hope to get good news from soon
and our friend and deputy/messenger Prof. Tatiana Tchemisova prepares
a small report about – thanks also here to the many organizers,
among of them our friends and supporters, the Profs.
Ariela Sofer and Shuzhong Zhang, and last not least the precious
events celebarted in Hungary: our 17th EURO Mini
Conference “Optimization in the Industry”, Pecs, Hungary, June
29 – July 1, 2005 – thanks to the team around our friends, the
Profs. Tamas Terlaky, Jozsef Vörös, Tibor Illes and Sandor
Komlosi, to HORS, GOR and University of Pecs, a small report
will be written here, too, and "13th Summer School on Image
Processing" (SSIP 2005), Szeged, Hungary, June 30 – July 8,
2005 – thanks to the group around our friends Profs. Attila Kuba
and Kalman Palagyi! None of all these events would have
become unforgettable without the dear participants and our
faithful members - the "true stars".  

A cordial welcome to all new members who joined us during
these valuable days of learning and community, and to all who
came to us by different events and information! It is very valuable
that you are with us – everyone counts for all individually and is
so important!

Today’s e-mail concludes with an a small outlook and welcome
to a workshop on data mining where we are looking forward
to and which will also demonstrate the importance of continuous
optimization in that modern field of science and application.  
Here, quite  number of our members are involved, especially,
Abdulvahit Torun is spending a very great care on the workshop
preparation. Please find the announcement and invitation

With best wishes,
yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Vice Coordinator




Cordial Invitation




November 24-25, 2005,  
Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey


International Society for Photogrammetry and
Remote Sensing (ISPRS)  

(www.isprs.org,  www.isprs.org/calendar.html)



Working Group 2: Spatial Reasoning, Analysis and Data Mining

Workshop secretariat:
(Serkan Kemec, Arzu Erener)

Contact Person (organizing committee):

Zuhal Akyürek, Dept. of Geodetic and Geographic
Information Technologies (GGIT), METU, Turkey (


Dept. of Geodetic and Geographic Information Technologies
(GGIT), METU, Ankara,Turkey

www.ggit.metu.edu.tr, www.metu.edu.tr

Objective of the Workshop:
The objective of this workshop is to gather researchers as well
as practitioners, knowledge engineers and domain experts from
allied disciplines from academia and industry who are working
on various research fields of spatial/spatio-temporal data mining,
discuss recent developments, share hard-learned experiences,
and shed light on future development of spatial/spatio-temporal
data mining and explore new approaches and issues. This
workshop will address many aspects of spatial/spatio-temporal
data mining ranging from theories, methodologies, algorithms,
to their applications. Particularly, how spatial/spatio-temporal
data mining techniques can be integrated with RS – for detecting
and extracting spatial information - and GIS - for analysis and
management of gigantic spatial data - is emphasized to create
intelligent systems for geo-related sciences. Through this
workshop, we hope to produce modern solutions facilitating
data collection, processing and knowledge discovery and to
create synergy among different branches by means of paper
presentation, panel discussion, and invited talks.

Topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to, the
following areas:

o discovery of new information source,
o information retrieval, collection, filtering and  
   integration for data mining,
o meta learning and meta data for spatial data mining,
o selection, transformation, and construction of features,
o spatial/spatio-temporal information collection,
o spatial/spatio-temporal data mining,
o data mining from GIS,
o data mining in remote sensing,
o data mining from geographic and geo-referenced data,
o data mining in spatial/spatio-temporal DBMS spatial data
   mining in e-business environments and on the internet
   knowledge discovery from thematic maps,
o knowledge representation as thematic maps,
o statistical methods in spatial data mining,
o complexity, efficiency and scalability of temporal and
   spatial data mining algorithms,
o uncertainty management in spatial/spatio-temporal data
o visualization of spatial/spatio-temporal
   data/information, visualization of discovered knowledge,
o user interface for data mining, interactive mining,
o distributed spatial data mining,
o accommodating domain knowledge in the mining process,
o content-based search, retrieval, and discovery methods,
o usability of mined pieces of knowledge,
o inspection and validation of mined pieces of knowledge,
   success/failure stories in data mining and lessons

Important Dates:
• May 2005: Call for Participation,
• 12 September 2005:  Deadline for submission of
  extended abstracts,
• 30 September 2005: Workshop program publication,
• 28 October 2005:  Deadline for submission of full papers,
• 24-25 November 2005: Workshop

Keynote Speakers:
• Kainz, Wolfgang, Institute for Geography and Regional
  Research, University of Vienna, Austria
• Koperski, Krzysztof, Insightful Corp., Seattle, USA
• Shekhar, Shashi, Institute of Technology, University of
  Minnesota, USA
• Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm, Institute of Applied Mathematics,
  METU, Ankara, Turkey
• Yazici, Adnan, Computer Eng. Dept., METU, Ankara,

Organizing Committee:
• Aksoy, Selim, Dept. of Computer Engineering, Bilkent
  University, Ankara, Turkey  (
• Akyurek, Zuhal Dept. of Geodetic and Geographic  
  Information Technologies (GGIT), METU, Turkey  
• Duzgun, Sebnem, GGIT Dept. and IAM, METU, Turkey
• Yaolin, Liu, School of Resource & Environmental
  Sciences, Wuhan University, China

Program Committee:
• Selim Aksoy, Dept. of Computer Engineering, Bilkent  
  University, Ankara, Turkey
• Zuhal Akyurek, Dept. of Geodetic and Geographic
  Information Technologies, METU, Ankara, Turkey
• Adil Bagirov, University of Ballarat, Australia
• Nazife Baykal, Institute of Informatics, METU, Ankara,
• Nihan Cicekli, Computer Eng. Dept., METU, Ankara,
• Sebnem Duzgun, Dept. of Geodetic and Geographic
  Information Technologies and IAM, METU, Ankara, Turkey
• Paolo Gamba, University of Pavia, Italy
• Yan Huang, University of North Texas, USA
• Roger King, Mississippi State University, USA
• Wolfgang Kainz, Institute for Geography and Regional  
  Research, University of Vienna, Austria
• Krzysztof Koperski, Insightful Corp., Seattle, USA
• Gulser Koksal, Industrial Engineering Dept., METU,
  Ankara, Turkey
• Attila Kuba, Department of Computer Science,
  University of Szeged, Hungary
• C.T. Lu, Virginia Tech, USA
• Alexander Rubinov, University of Ballarat, Australia
• Pinar Senkul,Computer Eng. Dept., METU, Ankara,
• Shashi Shekhar, Institute of Technology, University of  
  Minnesota, USA
• Marc Teboulle, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
• Hakki Toroslu, Computer Eng. Dept., METU, Ankara,
• Gerhard Wilhelm Weber, Institute of Applied Mathematics,
  METU, Ankara, Turkey
• Hui Xiong, Rutgers University, USA
• Liu Yaolin, Wuhan University, China
• Adnan Yazici, Computer Eng. Dept., METU, Ankara,
• Pusheng (Alex) Zhang, University of  Minnesota, USA
• Changqing Zhou, University of  Minnesota, USA

                                                      (state at July 22, 2005)