July 11, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

in the last two weeks, quite a number of us witnessed a very
nice success which our group achieved - in Iceland, where we
had our 5th EUROPT Workshop
( http://wwwhome.math.utwente.nl/~stillgj/COPT06/ )
and where we gave a remarkable contribution to
EURO XXI 2006 ( http://www.euro2006.org/ ).

Both events were by the participants widely perceived in a
positive way. To all of you who joined us at the occasion of one
of these meetings, or just from your home, please receive a
Cordial Welcome! You are very much welcome, EUROPT and
the future generation in Continuous Optimization needs you - your
knowledge, your excellence and ... your unique character and ...

A cordial thanks to the new friends who joined us, and a heartfelt
thank to all the members and friends of EUROPT who with such
a devotion served in Iceland and made that success possible
which for sure will be a solid basis of future achievements of
many ones.

A detailled report about the 5th EUROPT workshop and
a Call for Papers to a Special Issue of CEJOR (Central
European Journal of Operational Research) proceeding the
workshop will follow in the next weeks.

Last but not least, just as brothers or sisters of EUROPT, two
new EUROPT Working Groups, initiated by us and in the
next years carefully chaired by precious friends (we will
introduce / congratulate them all and the entire 2 Boards in
a later e-mail), became established in worthy Foundation
Meetings during EURO XXI 2006:

(a) EURO WG "OR in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics
and Medicine", and

(b) EURO WG "OR for Development".

Here, we are all welcome!

Now, back to EUROPT and to its structure:

Based on a thorough preparation and election procedure
that took place in the weeks before the workshop, then, at the
occasion of our workshop, a new management structure of
EUROPT could be announced to approved. In fact, at July 1,
2006, EUROPT Honorary Coordinator Prof. Dr. Tamás Terlaky, informed
about a six persons' board with various scientific areas covered and
tasks fulfilled and a with a new two years cycle as
well. The following colleagues from EUROPT became those
board members: Prof. Dr. Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber (Chair), Prof.
Dr. Florian Jarre (Past Chair) whom we thank for his valuable
service in the last three years, Prof. Dr. Marco A. Lopez-Cerda
(General Vice Chair, Chair Elect) and the members Jun. Prof.
Dr. Mirjam Dür, Prof. Dr. Kaisa Miettinen and Prof. Dr. Leonidas
Sakalauskas. Thanks to Prof. Terlaky and to the other EUROPT Honorary
Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Tibor Illes, for their important
roles in the restructuring process and, with Cand. Dr. Zsolt
Csizmadia, in having conducted the election procedure so well.
Gratitude to you, dear three friends!

In the following days, the closer distribution of tasks became
appointed between and by the board members and with the
honorary coordinators (in the line of their e-mails sent in the
election process):



Florian Jarre: Past Chair
Marco A. Lopez-Cerda: General Vice Chair, Chair Elect,
Treasurer with F. Jarre and
G.-W. Weber;
Mirjam Dür: Events Coordinator,
with M.A. Lopez-Cerda and
Kaisa Miettinen: Newsletter-WEB-Page Editor,
with F.J. and G.W.W.;
Leonidas Sakalauskas: Secretary,
with F.J. and G.W.W.;
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber: Chair.


Florian Jarre: Linear and Cone-Linear Optimization;

Marco A. Lopez-Cerda: Convex Analysis
and Generalized Convexity;
Mirjam Dür: Global Optimization;
Kaisa Miettinen: Multi-Objective Optimization;
Leonidas Sakalauskas: Stochastic Programming;
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber: Nonlinear Optimization; and,
with all board members,
related topics.

To this seventh area of "related topics" belongs modern
contributions of Continuous Optimization in theory and
applications in:

Data Mining, Optimal Control, Dynamical Systems, Financial
Mathematics, Inverse Problems, and topics of the 2 new EURO
WGs, etc..

Of course, all these distributions of responsibilities in management
tasks and areas cannot at all be imaginated without all of you, the
members of EUROPT. They are prepared for serving our group and
all of its members with attention, care and transparency from each
board members' sides.

After return from Iceland, we began with making these decisions
become reality step by step. This will take its time. For this, for
further improvements and events in the life and service of EUROPT,
and for our live individually, we may wish all the best and blessings
for the board members and all of us in EUROPT!

Various further information will follow and will later on be sent by

With friendly regards
and best wishes,
yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
chair; http://www.iam.metu.edu.tr/EUROPT/


Let me please add the CfP of our EJOR Special Issue WGs
on Selected Presentations by you / your coauthors (to be
recommended by the Stream and Session Organizers of
EURO 2006) at occasion of the previous EURO conference.

EJOR special issue (EURO XXI 2006)