August 18, 2004


Dear friends from EUROPT,

after a series of EUROPT letters sent to you
recently, may be please ask for you attention
once again. In fact, there are two scientific
events where colleagues from EUROPT are
actively working on and which we recommend:

- In two weeks, there will be International Conference
  "Operations Research 2004", September 1-3, 2004,
  in Tilburg, The Netherlands:

  According to what we hear and read, this conference
  joinly organized by NGB and GOR (the national OR
  societies of The Netherlands and Germany), will become
  very valuable and wonderful! Thanks also to our friend and
  member of EUROPT, Dick den Hertog, member of Program

  Here, a number of further EUROPT members will take part.

- Lying more far in future, may we also please draw our attention
  to "International Conference on Control and Optimization with
  Industrial Applications", May 22-25, 2005, Baku, Azerbaijan:  

  (see also the attachment). Here, one of our friends and EUROPT
  friends and colleagues, Alexander Rubinov, is among the organizers
  of this attractive event.

With friendly regards,
yours sincerely,

Florian Jarre   and   Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Attachments of the letter:
  • baku-conf.doc