August 04, 2005

Dear members of EUROPT,
dear friends of EUROPT,

cordial regards; hopefully, you feel fine! The reason for
today's e-mail has to do with us - with EUROPT itself and
with the two proposals for new EURO working groups
submitted by us from EUROPT with our friends (some of
them who are not or not yet members are included by Cc).
You should be well and promptly informed, therefore, the
information given to us from EURO Vice President Prof. Dr.
Chris Potts is on this way forwarded to you.

During IFORS 2005, Hawaii, July 11-15, 2005, Executive
Committee of EURO evaluated the existing working groups.
Concering EUROPT, Chris Potts writes:

"Our review showed that your WG is very successful and
working well.  Thus, you will continue until the next review in 5
years time."  

This is certainly a big compliment to all of us! Besides, may
we please also enjoy that we are 346 ones in EUROPT

Concerning the new EURO Working Group "Operational
Research for Development" proposed, Chris Potts writes:

"The Executive Committee liked this proposal, and
approve the forming of this new Working Group."

Great! Thanks to all friends who were and are active with us
here: to Leroy, Eric, Fernado, Sethu, Theo, Emily, Maurice,
Ali, Dorien, ... noone should be forgotten now, everybody's
impulses needed.

Finally, concerning the new EURO Working Group
"Computational Biology and Bioinformatics" proposed,
the view is of EURO Executive Committee has been
positive also. Only a "greater mention of OR" and some
"more people from different countries" is still among the
wishes of our friends EURO leading. We can really do this,
and already after the submissions new colleagues showed
interest or were recommended by other friends. This group
is very rich, thanks to Jacek, Metin, Stefan, Guiseppe,
Attila ... , to many friends from OR; we will become more
even, and we can be very hopeful, optimistic, like Chris is.

Both applications were written with very great care and
devotion (even under hard time constraints and the presence
of other EUROPT events). All these new ideas are modern
and important, in scientific, economical and social sense, our
methods and engagement as continuous optimizers are needed
and important for our people and coming generations. And we
are looking forward to a wonderful time of friendship, foundation
and looking forward on Iceland (  

In this e-mail, not all names of our engaged colleagues involved
into the projects could be menioned; please let me ask you for
understanding. But you can certainly learn them and further ones
soon. Everyone counts, is important and precious and should not
be missed. It is good that we from EUROPT can and are welcome
to give such contributions to European OR and to the people in
the world. Last but not least, a cordial thank also to EURO!

With warm regards,
cordially yours,
yours sincerely,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Vice Coordinator