Aug 03, 2006

Dear members of EUROPT,

by this e-mail, a valuable event and real highlight which we are
looking forward to in 2007, may be brought to our attention:

A Joint EUROPT-OMS Meeting 2007:
2nd Conference on Optimization Methods & Software and
6th EUROPT Workshop "Advances in Continuous Optimization", Prague,
Czech Republic, July 4-7, 2007 .

To this pre-EURO XXII 2007 meeting we are all cordially invited,
and it would be wonderful if many of us could share a valuable
and exciting time together in the Golden Town! Closer information
will be given by the organizers in the near future.

After our last e-mail where we congratulated a "birthday child"
at the occasion of a special anniversary, today we would also
like to do, namely, Prof. Dr. Heiner Müller-Merbach (University
of Kaiserslautern, Germany). He had his 70th birthday at June 28.

Prof. Heiner Müller-Merbach is a leading representative of
German OR, he has entertained and tought many of us his
surprising observations from number theory. On Iceland, at EURO
XXI 2006, he gave a valuable presentation in the Invited Stream
"Linear Optimization" and also spoke in the "legendary" stream
"OR - The Profession: 70th Anniversary". God bless you.

With best wishes to all of you
and with sincere regards,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

PS: If you or a colleague had a special anniversary of
obtained an award, please send this information such
that we can share the joy.