Sep 05, 2005

Dear members of EUROPT,

by the decision of the Managing Board of EUROPT with its six members
together with the two Honorary Cooordinators of
EUROPT and after recontact with EUROPT members, our
EURO Working Group is introducing a novely beginning with this
year: The honouring of one, or in some years two distinguished EUROPT
members who have given extraordinary contributions
in and with our EURO Working Group EUROPT, by


This honouring will become expressed by a laudatio and a
document, as we plan: in the form of a small plate, and
represented at our EUROPT homepage. We hope that this introduction
will esteem the fellows highly, that it will inspire
members and friends to active participation in the scientific life
of EUROPT, and help for a "branding of EUROPT".

In 2006, we are appointing

Prof. Dr. Alexander Rubinov
(University of Ballarat, Australia)

to become


Professor Rubinov is a renowned expert in nonsmooth and global
optimization. By his contributions to our EUROPT and EURO
events and EJOR special issues and, as a special donation
of excellence and cordiality, this vivid support of the collaboration
and friendship between EUROPT and POP (Pacific Optimization Research
Activity Group) he has in an exceptional way served our EURO working
group and its members. This has given depth,
width and perspective to a multitude of common undertakings
and individual lives.

At the occasion of "The 5th Ballarat Workshop on Global and
Non-Smooth Optimization: Theory, Methods and Applications",
University of Ballarat, November 28- 30, 2006, the congratulation
and laudatio will be personally given to Professor Rubinov by a
delegation of EUROPT members consisting of Prof. Dr. Gerhard-Wilhelm
Weber, Prof. Dr. Adil Bagirov and Prof. Dr. Bülent
Karasözen. Then, all the EUROPT members present want to
praise our friend in teacher Prof. Dr. Rubinov in the name of
our EURO Working Group on Continuous Optimization,

With best wishes,
and sincere regards,

for the Extended Table
of Managing Board and Honorary Coordinators,

Prof. Dr. Florian Jarre, Prof. Dr. Marco A. Lopez Cerda,
Prof. Dr. Mirjam Duer, Prof. Dr. Kaisa Miettinen,
Prof. Dr. Leonidas Sakalauskas, and
Prof. Dr. Tamas Terlaky and Prof. Dr. Tibor Illes,

Prof. Dr. Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
chair of EUROPT

Ankara, September 5, 2006