October 23, 2004

Dear members of EUROPT, dear friends,

sincere regards! Hopefully, you feel fine.

During EURO Summer Institute XXII "Optimization and Data
Mining" in Ankara (chairman: Bülent Karasözen; July 9-25,

2004), two of our young friends, Fernando Crespo from Santiago,

Chile,(facrespo@puc.cl) and Sethuraman ("Sethu") Janardhanan

from Calcutta, India, (sethuraman@iimcal.ac.in) were among the

nice and active participants. Both and several further ones of

their ESI friends became EUROPT members. Fernando and Sethu were

sent and supported by IFORS (International Federation of

Operational Research Societies); to IFORS and EURO they are

grateful. In view of the help they got from both societies on

operational research, the European and the international one,

and in view of the difficult situations in many countries on

earth, they suggested to consider the foundation of a joint

IFORS-EURO working group or chapter "OR for the Developing

Countries", where, of course, "for" also implies "in". In fact,

this proposal aims at serving the people in the world, especially,

in the developing countries, by various OR ways. Besides of the

classical academic life of science, research and, not to be

forgotten, education, both young friends put a great emphasis

on contributions of practical and project kind, addressed

towards people in their living conditions. What is also very

important: intended help and research should be embedded

in a process of learning (including patience), giving and

taking, and of joy.


In the sequel, after the suggestion was firstly formulated,

also Gerhard-W. Weber joined the reflections, and a number of

valuable colleague from optimization and OR expressed their

interest to give advice by their scientific and life experience.

In this way, our friends Jakob Krarup (Copenhagen, Denmark),

Stefan W. Pickl (Cologne, Germany), Alexander Rubinov (Ballarat,

Australia), Maurice Shutler (London, United Kingdom) and Moshe

Sniedovich (Melbourne, Australia) became additional members of

a small advisory board.


This group of younger and (a bit) older friends is open. Every

colleague and friend who feels the heart’s impulse to join, to

look how mathematical models and methods of optimization and OR

may apply to give aid in catastrophes or, generally, in building

up countries, are welcome. In this case, please, contact the

young friends.   


The aspect of scientific progress and its presentation remain

centrally important. For our next big EURO event, conference

EURO XXI 2006 Reykjavik, Iceland, July 2-5, 2006 (http://www.euro2006.org/)

Fernando and Sethu became invited to organize a stream


          "Young People for OR in Developing Countries"


(where "young" is not limited by the biological age). Perhaps,

this stream and entire conference with its various and careful

preparations by EUROPT and other EURO working groups will be

interesting also for you.

Thank you very much for your attention.

With friendly regards

and best wishes,
yours sincerely,
Florian Jarre  and  Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber



PS: EUROPT supports and hosts valuable scientific impulses, and sincere

    interest and engagement to serve by optimization and OR as well.