Oct 02, 2005

Dear members of EUROPT,

friendly regards! Connected with the experience
gathered by our group and its valuable members in
the areas of Data Mining, e.g., with EURO Summer
Institute 2004 "Optimization and Data Mining"
(chairman: Professor Bülent Karasözen), a finalized
EJOR special issue proceeding it, and with the
forthcoming event "ISPRS 2005" Spatial Data Mining
Workshop, Ankara, Turkey, November 24-25, 2005
http://www.sdm2005.metu.edu.tr/) prepared by our
friends from Ankara (you are welcome!), we are going
ahead with Data Mining at the occasion of EURO XXI 2006.

Thanks to our friends Professor Emilio Carrizosa and
Professor Jacob Kogan for serving with the preparations
here for and in the name of EUROPT and POP. Please
find their stream announcement subsequently.

Thanks also to all the other precious friends who serve us
and many ones from all over the world at EURO XXI 2006!
Please visit the Call for Papers at

Warm regards,
cordially yours,
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber  

Cordial Invitation
21st European Conference
on Operational Research

in Reykjavik, Iceland,
July 2-5, 2006



For EURO 2006, a stream Data Mining is in careful preparation
and cordially inviting to participation, scientific presentation and
exchange on all stages of this emerging science hosted by
modern OR! This stream will consist of six or more sessions
which are going to draw a state-of-the-art picture of Data Mining
and its future challenges. Its backgrounds in both mathematics
and computer science are by the stream and session organizers
represented, with theory, methods and applications in all data fields
of science, technology, economy and public life. Special
emphasize is paid to methods from all of OR utilized. The themes
contain but are not limited to

•    discovery of new information source,
•    information retrieval, collection, filtering and integration
      for data mining,
•    meta learning and meta data for spatial data mining,
•    selection, transformation, and construction of features,
•    spatial/spatio-temporal information collection,
•    spatial/spatio-temporal data mining,
•    data mining from geographic information systems,
•    data mining in remote sensing and image processing,
•    data mining from geographic and geo-referenced data,
•    data mining in spatial/spatio-temporal DBMS,
•    spatial data-mining in e-business environments and
     on the internet,
•    knowledge discovery from thematic maps,
•    knowledge representation as thematic maps,
•    statistical methods in spatial data mining,
•    complexity, efficiency and scalability of temporal and
      spatial data mining algorithms,
•    uncertainty management in spatial/spatio-temporal data mining,
•    visualization of spatial/spatio-temporal data/information,
•    visualization of discovered knowledge,
•    user interface for data mining,
•    interactive mining,
•    distributed spatial data mining,
•    accommodating domain knowledge in the mining process,
•    content-based search, retrieval, and discovery methods,
•    usability of mined pieces of knowledge,
•    inspection and validation of mined pieces of knowledge,
•    success/failure stories in data mining and lessons learned,
•    discrete inverse problems and tomography,
•    textual data mining,  
•    continuous and discrete optimization methods in data mining.

EURO XXI 2006 wishes to serve for deepening and further
initiating of scientific exchange, collaboration and friendship in
Data Mining and with the other working groups of OR, for the best
of our people and common future.

You are cordially welcome and, wouldn’t it be a pleasure to enjoy

•  a European conference with international flavour,
•  first EURO conference in a Nordic country since Finland 1992,
•  exotic nature, glaciers, volcanic lava and waterfalls,
•  excellent conference facilities,
•  good organisation,
•  relatively low cost,  
•  midnight sun,        
•  valuable satellite events
and, for the football fans among you …
•  devices for watching the wordcup provided.

Stream Organizer and Contact:
o     Emilio Carrizosa (University of Sevilla, Spain),
ecarrizosa@us.es, emilio.carrizosa@gmail.com,
o    Jakob Kogan (University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA)

There are two hosting working groups serving Continuous Optimization
and Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at
EURO XXI 2006:

o  EURO Working Group on Continuous Optimization  
o  The Pacific Optimization Research Activity Group

Furthermore, we will have a special theme: “OR for Better Management
or Sustainable Development”, precious Plenary and Semi-Plenary
Lectures, and a special issue of European Journal
of Operational Research (EJOR) proceeding EURO XXI 2006.

Important Dates:
o On-line submission for abstracts starts:
                Spring 2005
o Deadline for abstract submission:
                February 1st, 2006
o Notification of acceptance:
                February 15th, 2006
o Deadline for early registration:
                March 1st, 2006
o Deadline for author registration:
                March 31, 2006  (for inclusion in programme)
o Conference:
                July 2-5th, 2006

Pre-Conference Workshops:
•  5th EUROPT Workshop
   “Advances in Continuous Optimization”,
   Reykjavik, Iceland, June 30 – July 1, 2006,
•  Maximal Software - Optimization Modeling in Practice,

Looking forward to sharing a valuable and exciting time
with you on Iceland,

Maurice Shutler             and
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber  (