Dear members of EUROPT,

friendly regards! A very rich year is ending in a few
days: we can look back to very valuable scientific
events we prepared and shared, papers we wrote
and reviewed, joint considerations we made, precious
moments and friendship we shared! Thanks to all of
you, for all you did and for every good word to gave.

The next year will certainly be likewise attractive in
EUROPT! There will be our engagement at the SIAM
concerence in Stockholm (in competition but hopefully
approved), one or another session at IFORS 2005 on
Hawaii - prepared with our dear friends from POP, and
- as a special highlight - EURO Mini Conference 2005 in
Pécs, Hungary!

You may already have a look at our EUROPT homepage
with its closer links.

With pleasure we will give closer information, especially
names of the responsible colleagues, in the following weeks
and months.

For today we remain with sincere regards and best wishes
for a wonderful time, a merry Christmas, and a peaceful
and blessed new year 2005.

Yours sincerely,

        Florian Jarre        and         Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
         Coordinator                           Vice-Coordinator
                                of EUROPT

PS: Perhaps you would like to make a note in your calender
       already concerning EURO 2006 on Iceland and the
       EUROPT workshop right before. Both will become unique
       events in continuous optimization also!

       Please also find the poster for EURO MC in Pécs and
       some information about EURO 2006 enclosed, which
       may also be interesting for your colleagues and friends.

       The EURO 2006 document can as a brochure also be
       sent to you via postal mail (by Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber).

ˇ 21st European Conference on Operational Research